3D origami shuriken Ninja star (tutorial, instructions) for beginners

Video description

We show how to make Ninja star of paper in the art 3D origami. This shuriken will like boys. They will be able to throw into one another at recess at school. Shuriken made of paper also will be a good gift to a friend or brother, etc.

We need to assemble shuriken 8 pieces (triangles).

Making a piece of 1/8 of the A4 paper.

Details please click here

We need to make 8 triangular pieces.

For example, 4 blue and 4 white

Making square

And insert the "teeth" asterisk (you can all glue for better durability)

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And now you know how to make paper shuriken Ninja star in the art 3D origami. Use this video as master class for the assembly shuriken.

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